On Trial: Harem Pants. When will the madness end?


We’ve featured harem pants here at The Fashion Police before, and have had absolutely no hesitation in branding them a crime of fashion. My take on this is that if an item of clothing gives even the vaguest suggestion that you may be wearing a nappy (or a diaper, for the benefit of the Americans amongst you) underneath it, then that item is a crime of fashion. (Unless, of course, you actually are a baby, in which case, sucks to be you, but we’ll let you off with it).

Here’s the thing, though: suddenly, harem pants are everywhere. They are being sold by retailers we have come to know and love, who brazenly display them on their websites as if there’s nothing in the world wrong with them. Even ASOS are it, with these green sparkly harem pants , which I find slightly less offensive than the other pairs we’ve featured. Indeed, if I were to suddenly start wearing harem pants (and I can’t imagine why I would, to be honest), I think these are probably the ones I’d wear.

But what about you? Would you be seen dead in pants that look like this? Vote after the jump…

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