On Trial: Do you wear opaque tights in summer?


A couple of weeks ago I had me a bit of a fashion dilemma. You see, we’d been invited to a barbecue, and I had the perfect little dress to wear to it. But it was cold, and also: raining. My legs? Were pale and luminous, and completely unfit to be seen in public. The only solution available to me seemed to be to wear it with a pair of black opaque tights, so I tried them on. It looked great. One problem, though: I have this "thing" about wearing opaque tights in the summer, and by "a thing" I mean "I just won’t do it". It seems to me to be somehow wrong to be wearing opaques during the so-called summer, even if the weather’s cool, and it’s not much of a summer at all. So, I stiuffed my trusty old tights back in their drawer, and I pulled on my jeans, just as I’d always known I would.

Today though, I stumbled across this picture of Joely Richardson at last night’s premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum, and she seems to be channeling last year’s Sienna Miller, in her gold dress and black opaque tights. So I ask you all: do you wear opaques in the summer? Would you? And what do you think when you see other people doing it? Poll after the jump…

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