Fashion Trends: Ombre/Dip dye dresses


Ombre and dip-dyed pieces have been showing up everywhere lately, on everything from the dresses shown above to the shoes Amy used in her Valentine’s Day outfit yesterday. This is a very summery look that’s a little bit hippy-chick and therefore great for beach holidays and the like. There are so many dresses like this around at the moment that it would be hard to round up them all, but here’s a handful of different styles, all using the dip-dye technique.

L-R: Dip dye dress, Miss Selfridge; Dress, Lipsy;  dress, Topshop; dress, Arden B;


  • February 5, 2008


    Is it just me who really cant warm to this style? I just really hate it!

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  • February 5, 2008


    Oh god, the 70s are back. No more tie-dye!!! Since when has it become fashionable to dress like you’re 5 and you made your own clothes at summer camp?

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  • February 5, 2008


    Too much tie-dye is a bad thing. But I can see where you’re going with the ‘hippie chic’ look. Especially with some flat sandals and a headscarf or something.

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  • February 28, 2008


    I don’t think that the tie-dye thing is really what is going on here. Seen from the top trend sites such as or and even MAGIC THE SHOW in Las Vegas, it is a gradual fading of rich color that recedes into white or black.
    The subtle shifting is a hard-to-achieve thing for everyday tie-dye enthusiasts, so I don’t really see how ameture dip-dyeing is a part of this major trend because the streaking and obvious color seperations that happen in dip dyeing don’t blend as subtly as French Ombre.
    The overall look is, to me, supposed to be very futuristic and chic, not hippie.
    This is just my two cents.
    So, when buying this trend, look for sleek, modern styled clothing with simple lines, minimal fabric and a nice graduated blend of one color into white or black.

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