It won’t be an offensive term by the time this …

Comment on Is It Offensive? | Tesco removes “Geek” slogan clothing following complaint by Claire.

It won’t be an offensive term by the time this kid and his peers get to be old enough to string complete sentences together, but when the mother would have been in grade school it would have been an insult for sure. So I can see why she is concerned. And it’s definitely not a totally innocent term even nowadays – it’s still used cruelly and unironically sometimes. But I really don’t think she has anything to worry about.

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I remember these, and I’ve seen them on girls around campus just in the past couple days. I’m not pleased about either the ’90s or the ’70s coming back – can’t we just let them die the ignominious death they deserve?

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I can’t imagine what that could even be a typo for.

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