No, it’s not offensive. It’s cute and joining in …

Comment on Is It Offensive? | Tesco removes “Geek” slogan clothing following complaint by Anna.

No, it’s not offensive. It’s cute and joining in with the hipster trend. Being a geek is now cool and wearing glasses is very common actually. There is no way that that little boys friends are old enough to understand what geek means anyway. They’re babies.

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Socks and sandals: no longer a crime of fashion, apparently
Even worse look, the ghetto low cut socks with slippers or Nike sports sandals and sweatpants.

90s-style chokers make a comeback at River Island
I really like chokers and I still have them. I wasn’t around in the 70’s, so I’d take the 90’s. There was also a decades revival then too as I had flared jeans and 60’s baby doll dresses.

Crime of Fashion? Suspender jeans
Another clothing item made for Rihanna!

Trends on Trial | Baggy Trousers
They should focus on well-tailored pants, nothing too extreme in either direction. Whatever happened to just making nice trousers? I can wear skinny pants, but I can’t wear tight pants all the time. And I’m short, so extra baggy pants don’t work on me. I have to have them tailored, even when they’re not baggy.

Trend Trial | Knee Socks and Over-the-Knee Socks for Spring 2014
I loved the look in the 90’s, but I was in junior high then. It now only works for me if I’m cosplaying or if you happen to be a character in an anime series.

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