Wanted! River Island’s nude patent platform shoes


Hey, wouldya lookit that folks – River Island love this shoe! Which is a bit of a coincidence, really, because The Fashion Police are pretty taken with it, too. Actually, we’re obsessed with almost all nude coloured shoes at the moment. They somehow manage to create the illusion that you have longer legs than you actually do, and we’re just fine with that. The fact that these ones have a platform and skyscraper heel on them doesn’t hurt either. (Well, it might if you tried to walk for miles in them, but hey, let’s not quibble..)

Of course, that fabulous, leg-lengthening effect only works if your nude legs and feet are the same colour as the nude platform shoes. And ours…. aren’t. In fact, we could probably get away with white shoes, given our paler-than-pale skin, but we still like these ones, and if you like them too, you can pick them up for £49.99 at River Island.

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