This is not a Moschino t-shirt, it’s a possible crime of fashion

this is not a Moschino t-shirt

This is Not a Moschino T-Shirt, £860

At this point, policing the world of Moschino feels a little bit like shooting fishing in a barrel: it’s almost like they WANT to be caught by The Fashion Police, isn’t it?

Still, we swore a solemn oath to fight crimes of fashion (You should see the Fashion Police swearing-in ceremony: it’s more fun than the MET Gala, seriously…), and we’ll continue to do that, even when we suspect the criminals are deliberately provoking us. Which brings us to this bag, which is NOT – we repeat, NOT – a Moschino t-shirt. Moschino have been working this schtick for a while now, using a heavy dose of self-reflexive irony to gently poke fun at both themselves and their customers, while raking in the cash. The joke, however, is most definitely on the people who buy these items, because not only will it cost you £860 (an amount which would buy most of us a whole new wardrobe…) to make this hilarious visual gag, you’ll also end up looking like you’re carrying a  torso around with you, thus:

this is not a Moschino t-shirt tote bag

this is not a Moschino t-shirt tote bag

On the plus side, this is larger than it looks in the product shot, which means you get a lot more bag for your buck. It’s also leather, and we’re willing to believe it’s beautifully and sturdily constructed – well, we have to cling to some hope with things like this, don’t we?

If you’re prepared to spend £860 on the bag, we reckon you may as well cough up an extra £125 for the t-shirt:

this actually is a moschino t-shirt

What’s funny about this one is that this actually IS a Moschino t-shirt. Those japesters!

Of course, it could all be so much worse : and, knowing the word of high fashion, it probably will be – and soon. What do you think: would you wear either of these items?

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