Nights in white satin: Katie Holmes at the opening night of All My Sons


Katie Holmes managed to get us all talking during rehearsals for her Broadway play All My Sons, by turning up each day in a seemingly endless collection of jeans, but if you thought the fashion show was over now the show has opened, think again. Here’s Katie on opening night, with her usual Tom Cruise accessory and wearing … well. It’s a kind of ‘genie suit’ isn’t it? One with cuffed pants and a black lace insert at the top.

So, just to confirm, that’s white satin + black lace + cuffed pants + Tom Cruise. When we add that little lot up we get "not her greatest look" as our answer, but hey, we’re cops, not mathematicians, so we’re interested to hear what you think of this look on Katie Holmes. Should we let her off (after all, she’s been looking pretty cute lately, it has to be said), or is this an arrestable offence?

One more picture of Katie and Tom after the jump to help you decide…


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