Night Fever: Ellery Ancien Regime Flare Pants

We challenge you to look at these Ellery flares, and NOT think of this:

Can’t do it, can you? In fact, you’re probably also humming ‘Stayin’ Alive’ to yourself, aren’t you?

Now, we know flares are currently in the midst of a comeback, thanks to the fashion world deciding that we’d had enough of the 50s, and it was time to revisit the 70s, but what do you think of them? More specifically, what do you think of ones that are so wide you could harbour an entire family under the shelter of one leg? You could make a wedding dress out of one of those legs, couldn’t you? Are you OK with that, or do you think it’s time for flares to receive some kind of Fashion Police citation?

These are $1,125 at Shopbop. WE KNOW. (Click here to buy them)

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