Dress of the Day: Polka dot peplum dress from Next

polka dot peplum dress from Next

Polka dot pencil dress, £60

Polka dots and peplums are irresistible to Fashion Police officers: the polka dots because they’re a fun-but-classic print which liven up any outfit they’re added to, the peplums because they’re a REALLY good way to hide a food baby. Yes, we know a lot of people are sick of them now that they’ve been officially “trendy” for a while now, but seriously: if you have a bit of a pot belly, and want to be able to wear bodycon/pencil styles without people asking when you’re due, the peplum is your best friend. You won’t even have to THINK about wearing Spanx, or sucking in your stomach when you’re standing sideways, and we’re all for that.

We’re also all for cute little dots with a bow belt and a reasonably affordable price tag. These ones have a bit of a “blood spatter” effect when viewed from afar, and while that might put some people off, well, we’re Dexter fans: we kinda like it…

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