The Fashion Police’s New Year’s Style Resolutions

New_year_resolutionsAs 2008 draws to a close, it’s time for us all to sit back, take stock, and decide just what exactly we want to do with this shiny new year that’s just around the corner.

Now, The Fashion Police would be the first to admit that in the final months of 2008, we got a little bit… spendy. And clearly it’s our job to obsess over clothes and accessories, so we do have a little bit of an excuse, but sometimes things can get a little out of hand, so we’re taking a few moments before slipping into our party dresses to make some fashion-related New Year’s Resolutions.

Feel free to share yours with us in the comments!

1.  Stop spending so much on clothes and shoes. Seriously, just stop already.

It’s an obvious one, of course, but it has to be said. It’s a tough resolution to keep, especially given that we’re forced to look at beautiful clothes all day, every day, but we’re going to be making a real effort this year to try and cut back. Well, it has to be done.

2. Take a long, hard look at The Fashion Police closet and work out what we actually NEED rather than always focusing on what we WANT.

Clearly it’s going to be unrealistic to cut out shopping altogether (in fact, the very thought of it makes us feel quite faint), but we’re going to try and take stock of what we already have, work out where the gaps are in the wardrobe, and then focusing on filling them.

3. Focus on quality rather than quantity

This will be a tough one, because we tend to be binge shoppers, but one fabulous item that we’ll wear over and over again is worth a dozen cheap tank tops that we bought because… well, because you can never have too many tank tops, can you?

4. Become better bargain hunters

You may not believe it, but there was a time when The Fashion Police were the meanest bargain hunters in the Fashion jungle. Whether we were scouring thrift shops or just obsessively rifling through eBay, we knew how to spot a bargain. These days our hunting skills are in need of a bit of sharpening up. and we’ve become far too dependent on the quick fix of the high street, so back to the thrift shops we go, and watch out, eBay, here we come!

5. Make a bigger effort to work with what we’ve got

Let’s face it, The Fashion Police have a LOT of clothes. But because we spend most of our days desk-bound here at HQ rather than out on the beat, we’ve gotten lazy, and tend to wear the same comfortable old favourites over and over again. Time to break out the dresses and heels, we think – who cares if we’re just wearing them around the house?

6. Realise that we really, really don’t need so many damn party dresses…

No, we don’t. We really, really don’t. And yes, they are beautiful. They make us feel like princesses. They are more or less irresistible. But they also spend their entire lives hanging in the closet and never seeing the light of day, so that money would really, really be better spent elsewhere…

Speaking of party dresses, though, it’s time for us to go get ours ready in preparation for tonight’s New Year celebrations. Have a great New Year, everyone – we look forward to fighting many more crimes of fashion with you in 2009! 

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