New shoes don’t necessarily cure the blues

They say new shoes cure the blues. What if the shoes in question look like THIS, though?

multicoloured knee high boots

We don’t know about you, but our blues have not been cured by these. Our officers found them on Louisa Via Roma, as examples of how (not) to style the equally interesting dress and shorts shown above. Despite searching through all of the shoes on the site, we couldn’t find these for sale: we’d imagine they’re probably by the same brand as the items they’ve been shown with (Au Jour Le Jour), but we can’t be sure, and didn’t feel inclined to take our enquiries any further, having been distracted by these:

fringe shoes

So. That whole “shoes you can sweep your floor with” trend is still going strong, huh? We didn’t think that one would ever catch on, but perhaps we’re just too squeamish about the kind of debris we’d pick up if we walked down a city street in those things. Or in these ones, for that matter:

furry shoes

Seriously, why is this a thing now? It doesn’t get any better the more we see it, and these shoes don’t get better when you see how they’ve styled them, either:

weird tulle dress

To be fair, we’d want to hide our faces if we were wearing any of these items too, so at least that’s ONE part of the look that makes sense to us. We’re not totally sure how you’re supposed to see clearly with a giant embroidered flower over your eyes, though, and we definitely wouldn’t recommend driving while wearing this dress, because that could be pretty dangerous. It’s not often we find ourselves describing a dress as “dangerous”, but you don’t to mess with this one – take our word for it.


kangaroo fur shoes

These are kangaroo fur. We’re just going to leave you with that thought…

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