Fall Fashion Preview: New Look, Autumn/Winter 2008


Following on from our series of Fall Fashion Previews (we featured J Crew and Primark last week) here are some images from the New Look Fall 08 collection. Clearly tartan is going to be inescapable this winter, as we knew, but there are also a few more luxe looks here, with what we’re assuming is faux fur, and a bit of tailoring for the benefit of those of us who don’t consider Agyness Deyn to be the epitome of all things chic.

Product details for the images above are below, and there’s plenty more where those came from if you’ll just follow us under the jump…

Above, L-R:

Image one: Biker Jacket £40/€60, Tartan Mini £18/€28, Embellished T-Shirt £16/€24, Stripe Tights £8/€12, Tartan Ankle Boots £25/€40, Bracelet £15/€24

Image two: Lace Top £22/€34, Lace Pencil Skirt £25/€40, Clutch £8/€12, Ring £8/€12, Tights £8/€12

New_look_fall_08_2Expect to see check shirts everywhere this winter. Hopefully not paired with all the tartan, though.

(Gilet £40/€60, Check Shirt £18/€28, Jeans £22/€34, Heart Necklace £18/€28)

New_look_fall_08_3The Fashion Police welcome back bracelet sleeves and long leather gloves!

(Coat £60/€90, Pencil Skirt £25/€40, Tights £8/€12, Gloves £12/€18, Gem Bracelet £8/€12, Clutch £10/€15, Patent Courts £30/€45)

Faux_furMore faux fur. Will you wear it?

(Faux Fur Coat £75/€115, Belt £12/€18, Clutch £10/€15, Bracelet £8/€12, Tights £8/€12)

New_lookWear anything you like next season, just so long as you wear it with a pair of patterned tights…

New_look_2Now channeling… Marlene Dietrich.

(Blouse £25/€40, Wool Trousers £30/€45, Clutch £10/€15, Cube Ring £12/€18)

New_look_fall_08_4(Coat £60/€90, Tights £8/€12, Cuff £8/€12)


  • August 4, 2008


    Love love LOVE!

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  • August 4, 2008


    LOVE the little black dress and the pencil skirt. Marlene Dietrich-look is cute too, for those few who can work it. The rest… not that much.

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  • August 4, 2008


    I quite like it (apart from the tartan craze), but the tights are just horrendous! Am I the only one who is instantly reminded of rare skin disease??

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  • August 4, 2008


    Green ruffles… Marlene (Goddess) Dietrich.. patterned tights… oh my, stop me.
    Faux fur, not so much. Ugly, boxy, and glamorizing real fur. Yeugh.

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  • August 5, 2008


    Bring on the tartans and plaids! When done well, they can be so much fun. They remind of back-to-school shopping and fall.

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  • August 7, 2008


    The: Pencil skirt, black heels, black party dress, black clutch, gloves, lace dress (on the right person), and the hair are fabulous
    the: print tights tripes & tartan combo, & green nightgown ruffled dress
    are not

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  • August 7, 2008


    “glamorizing real fur” ????
    How is wearing poly fibers glamorizing real fur?
    It seems to be doing the opposite to me.
    I love faux fur, and I won’t wear evn vintage fur.
    To me faux fur says (depending on quality) you can have the look, feel, and warmth…and no one has to die (a more often than not, horrible death).

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  • August 31, 2008


    I Love the fur especially the short sleeve jacket with long gloves … completely chic. I also love love the white shirt and black pants and I love love really love the fur all of it … Yum Yum Fab!!

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  • April 6, 2009


    Does anybody know what trademark is that short sleeved faux fur jacket? I love it and I’d like to buy it if it is still possible. Please if u know, let me know on my email adress: panbrainwasher@seznam.cz
    Thank you.

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