I’ve really fallen out with New Look in recent years. …

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I’ve really fallen out with New Look in recent years. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten a bit older (I’m still only 22), but I find that most of there clothes are really tarty, or if they’re not tarty, they’re jeans and hoodies. Not seen anything in there I like for a while, and this collection isn’t doing anything to change that!

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Style Trial: Lindsay Lohan at the ‘Liz and Dick’ L.A. premiere
I agree, I think she looks great. It looks so much like she’s had her lips done, which I think looks a bit dodgy…

What are your winter wardrobe essentials?
I’m surprised no one has mentioned black tights! They are my saviour! I agree with the boots. I’ve splashed out on a pair of brown high boots. Flat ones, as heels are sadly not my friend. Any kind of dress and a lovely military coat and you’re all set!

Back to School Shopping with The Fashion Police: Primark Autumn/Winter 2012
I love most of it. I’d look ridiculous in all of it though. I’m a particular fan of the pinafore type dress with burgundy tights.
It doesn’t look like the mega cheap Primark though. I’m sure the quality will!

Kelly Brook for New Look: what do you think?
I read in an interview that Kelly Brook wanted to create clothes for ‘curvy girls’. I think this collection is so far from what a ‘curvy girl’ would like!
Cut out’s on the back mean you can’t wear a bra, I certainly cannot go out without a bra.
It also looks really cheap. I think she should have focused on circle dresses, pencil dresses and tea dresses.
Not a fan of this at all.

Kate Winslet in Jenny Packham at the premiere of Titanic in 3D
I love Kate. She always looks incredible, and is so sophisticated. She looks amazing for 36, thought she was a lot younger. A true role mode.

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