New Look Spring 2012 Preview

Spring 2012 fashion

Continuing our look at the near-future of fashion, here’s a selection of New Look’s Spring 2012 collection.

This collection disturbed us. Some parts of it made us think we’d stumbled onto a forgotten archive of images from the original 90210: seriously, Brenda Walsh would have ROCKED those high waisted-jeans, no? Other parts of it, though, made us think someone had spiked our drink, and tried to convince us that it would be a good idea for fashion to re-visit the 80s again. AGAIN. (Note: that would never fly with us. There isn’t enough¬†alcohol¬†in the world to make us want to have to witness yet another 80s revival…)

Then there was that inexplicably see-through dress. And at that point we started drinking heavily to numb the pain, so we don’t remember anything else. We think there may have been one outfit we really liked? Maybe two? Oh, and definitely some shoes: the red polka dot ones have Shoeperwoman’s name on them for sure.

Take a look and tell us what you think…

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