DOTD | Mylene Klass leopard print wiggle dress

Mylene Klass leopard print wiggle dress

Mylene Klass leopard print wiggle dress, £55

Like a little bit of leopard on your wiggle dress?

It’s not for everyone, granted. In fact, there’s  a good chance that at least 50% of you are rolling your eyes in horror right now, while the other 50% is nodding enthusiastically. Animal print is just one of those “marmite” kind of prints, isn’t it? If you hate it, you probably think it’s cheap, tacky and the kind of thing that instantly turns an outfit into a Fashion Crime. If you love it, however, you probably appreciate how the odd dash of animal print can add a bit of interest to an otherwise dull dress, or liven up even the most boring of outfits.

The Fashion Police are firmly in the second camp. While we think it’s true that when animal print is best used in moderation (When it goes wrong, it tends to go very, very wrong), we reckon in small doses it can actually look pretty good, and this is one of those times.

This dress is from the Mylene Klass range for Very, which is much better than you might be expecting, given that it’s a “celebrity” clothing line from a catalogue company. As it happens, we’ve been consistently impressed by Very’s celebrity collabs: the Holly Willoughby range has made it to Dress of the Day at least a couple of times, and a few of the items from the Diana Vickers collection  made their way onto a Fashion Police ‘Wanted’ list, although sadly we didn’t ever follow through on our intention to try them out for size.

Back to this dress: it has a real retro feel to it (which naturally appeals to us), and the wiggle shape is something we’ll never get tired of. The leopard tie, meanwhile, makes a standard black dress a little bit different, and the £55 price tag keeps it nice and affordable. Nicely done, MK! We can call you MK, can’t we?

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