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high-low skirt red mini skirt with high-low hem

ASOS Volume Skater Skirt With Extreme Dip Back, £38

If you thought (or maybe even hoped…) high-low skirts were, like, SO last season, think again. Last week, ASOS released this red, mini version of the mullet skirt, and ever since, we’ve been scratching our heads and wondering why it reminds us so much of a rooster. (Probably the fact that it has a tail, we guess. Should a skirt ever have a tail? That’s what we’re here to find out.)

Also available in black, this is a “Mini Mullet”, although, if you want to be totally accurate, it’s really a REVERSE mullet: rather than being business in front, party in back, we think the party is is pretty up-front here, with a skirt so short the slightest breeze could cause a wardrobe malfunction. Still, on the plus side, unlike some mini skirts, you at least won’t have to worry about bending over in it: although the “tail” of the skirt isn’t exactly “long” either, it is at least longer than the front, providing enough coverage to let you feel like you’re wearing more than just a long top.

What do you think of the Mini Mullet, ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police jury? We’ll be the first to admit that, having never really got on board with the longer version from last summer, we’re not really loving the shorter version either. High-low skirts always struck us as being what we call a Fashion Flash-In-the-Pan: one of those items you’ll be able to look back on in years to come and instantly say, “Oh yeah, summer of 2013, right? There’s not necessarily anything WRONG with that, of course, especially if you’re someone who prides themselves on being up-to-the-minute with trends, but we’ve personally never been into spending money on items we’ll only wear for one season, so they were never high on our lust list.

With that said, at least the long versions had a certain floaty, hippie-like appeal to them, which is missing from this “red rooster” skirt. What do you think: would you wear it?

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