Hahaha!! we dressed up exactly like this in Indonesia!! This …

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hahaha!! we dressed up exactly like this in Indonesia!! This is a perfect outfit for hang out in the mall, warm enough for the air-co!

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Nicole Scherzinger
some fashion guru said : choose cleavage, or legs, not both!
but…. this is cleavage, legs, plus….. tummy, not to mention that ugly-plastic-cheap looks- shoe…..
I wonder, where is her stylist when she need them the most?

Jedward enter the Celebrity Big Brother House
Tigger from Winnie the pooh on top, Po from kungfu panda on the bottom. What a weird mix??

Belly Buttons are the New Black
don’t forget to put double tape as much as u can!! well, unless they have hidden exhibitionist attitude….

Ridiculous Runways: Pam Hogg Fall 2011
ow…. what happens to my Mozilla? did i miss clicked? i was reading about fashion and shoes, suddenly i end up in BDSM online shop….

Back to the 80s in Modcloth’s Leisure Studies romper
i think i’m really a blind-fashion person, i can’t even see how to wear this piece. Where’s the button/zip?? i bet it would be hard to go to toilet in it

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