Handbag of the Week: the Mulberry Roxanne

Mulberry_roxanneWe’ve gone all classic (not to mention expensive!) with this week’s Handbag of the Week, which is the Mulberry Roxanne. Some have said this bag is too heavy and clunky looking, but we rather like the “sensible satchel” look of it, and this is a bag that will only get better with age. It’ll also probably last forever, which is a good thing considering the price: it retails for £695, and it’s also available in black and chocolate.

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  • July 4, 2008


    This is really similar to the Roots Tribal Leather satchel purse. But the Roots version only costs about $200CDN.

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  • July 5, 2008


    Ha! I got an almost identical bag (apart from the ‘leather’ part, hmm) from TU at Sainsburys two years ago and it cost 15 quid.

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