The Mulberry Roxanne Tote: Honey, I Shrunk the Celebrity…


We feel an "It Bag" moment coming on…

Lately we’ve been seeing lots and lots of celebrities toting around the oversized Mulberry Roxanne Tote, which, in some cases, is almost big enough for the celebrity in question to fit inside. An honorable mention goes to Pixie Geldof here, who really lives up to her name when she carries her Roxanne Tote, looking like an extra in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Such is the way of the oversized handbag, you see: sure, it’s the bag that’s been inflated, but it sometimes creates the impression that the person carrying it has been miraculously shrunken – especially if the person in question was on the small size to start with.

We’re pretty sure it won’t be long before doctor’s start telling us that the big bag trend is doing terrible things to our backs and posture (oh no, wait – they already have ), but what do you think about them? Do you want a Roxanne, or would you rather leave the kitchen sink at home? 

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