I think I wear probably closer to 80%, with the …

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I think I wear probably closer to 80%, with the remaining 20% being things I can’t wear on a day to day basis, like my cocktail dress and leather corset.

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Style Trial: The Matchy-Matchy Look
I don’t try to match things perfectly. Too much heartache for something of too little consequence. I also abhor the clashing looking and tend to think of it as tacky. I tend to dress in color families with a neutral on bottom. For example, yesterday was navy slacks, a white shell, a periwinkle on blue printed cardigan, multi blue and rattan wedges, and a royal blue and dark brown necklace. No two colors matched perfectly, but they were all in the same family.

Wear or Die: The Long and the Short of It
The ones on the left remind me of actual fishnets (as in, the rope creations used to haul in fish.) I think that, some green scale print leggings, a pair of Peggy Bundy green scale print heels, some “tar smudges” and a red bra and I’ll have a new Halloween costume: the modern little mermaid.
As to one I’d wear out in public, not as a costume… Still the net ones. I can do SOMETHING to those besides have bad 80s flashbacks.

Style Challenge: What to Wear With Cowboy Boots?

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