How much of your wardrobe do you actually use?

how much of your wardrobe do you actually use?

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In the same survey that brought us the news that people tend to be happiest with their style when they reach the age of 33, comes the revelation that a lot of us aren’t actually wearing all – or even most – of the clothes we own.

According to the study commissioned by Marks & Spencer, 38% of Brits admit to only liking and wearing 50% of the clothes they own: and, to be honest, the only thing surprising about this is that the figure isn’t higher.

Not making full use of the clothes at your disposal, you see, is a common complaint, which we hear regularly from both readers and friends. It seems true to say that having lots of clothing doesn’t always give you more options when it comes to getting dressed: actually, the opposite is often true, and the greater the choice, the more people struggle to know what to do with it. Having a bulging closet sounds like the stuff of a fashion lover’s dreams, but ask any clothes collector what percentage of their clothing they actually WEAR, and you might just be surprised by the answer: even those with the largest amount of clothes are their disposal will often admit to wearing the same old favourites over and over, while the rest languishes forgotten at the back of a drawer.

Does that sound like you? Do you buy lots of clothes, only to find yourself returning time and time again to the same old combinations, or simply wearing whatever’s at the top of the pile, and forgetting the rest? Or maybe you have a carefully-honed capsule wardrobe, in which every item earns its keep?

Are you part of that 38%?


  • November 11, 2013


    I think I wear probably closer to 80%, with the remaining 20% being things I can’t wear on a day to day basis, like my cocktail dress and leather corset.

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  • November 11, 2013

    Liz in Paris

    I agree with Naiadknight – about 80% here too. Over the last few years I’ve been buying less “stuff” while focusing on things I really, really like (even if they’re expensive) and wearing them all regularly. I also have a one in/one out rule that limits the overstuffed closet syndrome.

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  • November 11, 2013


    I used to wear probably 85-90% of my wardrobe at my old job. However, with my new one in a completely different field, I wear a different type of clothing. So now, I probably wear about 20% of my entire wardrobe regularly. I haven’t had the new job long (only a year) and am not really one for shopping, so I’ve only been slowly building up a new work wardrobe.

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  • November 12, 2013


    Some 60%, if I don’t count the stuff that doesn’t fit me at the moment (I had gained half a stone, bought new clothes and then lost the weight – what a waste!).

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