How much would you pay for a beat-up denim jacket?

overpriced denim jacket

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Can you guess how much this denim jacket costs, Style Sleuths?

No cheating, now: don’t go clicking on the link and pretending you knew all along. Just give us your best guess, taking into account the fact that the style is dated, the denim is busted, and it looks suspiciously like its been cobbled together from a pair of jeans.

Any guesses?

OK, we’ll tell you: this denim jacket will set you back £1,735 British Pounds – or roughly $2,700.

Surprised? We were. But then again, not really, because, you know, FASHUN. Only in the wonderful world of high fashion does something become more expensive the worse it looks. If it looks like something you wouldn’t be able to GIVE away (We’re guessing here, but we suspect most of the charity stores around these parts would turn this down…), then you can pretty much guarantee you wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway. It’s like raaaaaiiiiin, on your wedding day…

We definitely don’t think this would pass the eBay test, then, but we’re also wondering if it would pass the “Could You Keep a Straight Face?” test, too. Like the ‘would it sell on eBay?’ test, this one is also fairly simple, and involves asking yourself whether you’d be able to keep a straight face if a friend turned up wearing this, and casually informed you she’d paid £1,735 for it. How would you react? Polite interest? Serious envy? Shock and horror? Howls of laughter? if it’s either of the last two – or any similar reaction – you’ve failed the ‘Could You Keep a Straight Face Test”. On the plus side, the likelihood is that you’ve just correctly identified a Crime of Fashion. On the minus side, you’ve also probably annoyed your friend. In the latter case, we recommend developing a Fashion Crime face: it’s the same as a poker face, but you use it when faced with a fashion crime, and at least you get to keep your friends…

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