Another Mouret-Style Moon Dress Spotted

Mouretmoondress They’re everywhere at the moment, these Moon Dress-alikes, but let this be a lesson to you to snap them up when you see them… (If you want one, that is.)

When I first  spotted this dress at Debenhams just a few days ago, I bookmarked it, thinking it could come in handy the next time I had an occasion coming up that seemed to call for a designer-inspired dress for only £25. This afternoon, though, when just such an occasion found its way into my diary, I went back to buy it, only to find that it was sold out. In every size. Already.

The lesson? When you see something you like, buy it instantly. Just don’t blame The Fashion Police when you don’t have any money left because if it.

Please get some new stock in, Debenhams. I have £25 just burning a hole in my pocket here…

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  • June 10, 2009


    For anyone interested, it seems to be only £8.40 now.

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