Mou goatskin boots: Ugg’s hairier cousins


Sometimes we think Ugg have an awful lot to answer for. When they became popular, it was like the floodgates were opened for new varieties of ugly boots to come surging in. “If they’ll buy one brand of bug-ugly boots, they’ll surely buy another!” the shoe manufacturers seemed to say, and the shoe manufacturers were right. Years down the line, not only do we still have Uggs in our lives, we also now have Mou boots, made from goatskin. Just in case there was any doubt about that, look, they left the tails on!

(Note: probably not ACTUAL tails. But still.)

These are certainly plenty ugly, and we’re just not convinced that the chunky sole will do anything AT ALL to prevent that cream fur turning the colour of mud once you’ve been out in them for more than a couple of minutes, but just to make matters worse, Net-a-Porter suggest these are “weekend staples” which should be worn with “trackpants”. We can only hope they just forgot to type the words “IN THE FASHION POLICE JAIL, SUCKERS!” at the end of that sentence.

What do you think, readers? Could you be seduced by these? If so, they’re £255 at Net-a-Porter.

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