Wanted! Topshop’s gold asymmetric ‘Rococco’ sandals

They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever and, looking at these gold strappy Topshop sandals, we think we’d have to agree. In fact, that metallic leather almost looks like real real gold to us. Sweet. These are £55, which is not unreasonable for a shoe of this calibre, and they’re also available in black. Who wants black, though, when you can wear shoes that’ll bring out your magpie instincts like this? Topshop, we salute you on a job well done!

Wanted! Jessica Kagan Cushman bangles

We’ve spoken about Jessica Kagan Cushman’s fabulous bangles here before, but the more we see of them, the more we like them. And also: want them. The ones above are currently available at Browns, where they’re selling for £80 each. We particularly love the heavily ironic “Does this bracelet make me look fat?”, but “New shoes cure the blues” seems like a pretty good motto for life, too…

Wanted! River Island’s nude patent platform shoes

Hey, wouldya lookit that folks – River Island love this shoe! Which is a bit of a coincidence, really, because The Fashion Police are pretty taken with it, too. Actually, we’re obsessed with almost all nude coloured shoes at the moment. They somehow manage to create the illusion that you have longer legs than you actually do, and we’re just fine with that. The fact that these ones have a platform and skyscraper heel on them doesn’t hurt either. (Well, it might if you tried to walk for miles in them, but hey, let’s not quibble..) Of course, that fabulous, leg-lengthening effect only works if your nude legs and feet are the same colour as the nude platform shoes. And…

Wanted! Cute clutch bags from Accessorize

Accessorize. It’s The Fashion Police’s guilty pleasure, mostly because it’s like a little Aladdin’s Cave of pretty, shiny things like handbags, jewelery and accessories, perfect to dip into on a rainy day, or just when you’re feeling like you need some "pretty" in your life. This week we’ve been drooling over the current selection of clutch bags. No, we don’t have anywhere to wear them to, but we’d still totally buy all of these anyway (but especially number 1). Bravo, Accessorize – you just made our Monday that little bit brighter. 1. Portofino Embellished clutch, £30;  2. High shine snake oversized clutch, £20; 3. Bohemia Yoke clutch, £28; 4. Metallic diamante clutch, £22; 5. Concertina clutch, £22

Wanted! Lipsy panelled corset from ASOS

Also spotted on our patrol around ASOS this morning was this panelled corset by Lipsy, which we became instantly enamored with. Dusky rose in colour, and with a couple of roses on the bust, this is just so pretty, and would be the ideal piece if you’re going to something you need to dress up for, but don’t want to wear an actual dress. It looks great with the black jeans the model is wearing, but would also look good with a plain skirt, and you can always throw a cardigan or jacket over the top to make it a little more modest. £45 at ASOS.

Wanted! Woven bow clutch bag by Joanna Louca

It’s like Joanna Louca looked right into our brains, skipped past all of the Crocs and harem pant horrors that were hiding in there, and went straight to the section marked “If someone were making us a clutch bag, this is what it would look like, please.” Because, hot damn! Clutch bag shaped like a bow? Oh hell yes. In fact, we think we’ll take two…

Wanted! Christian Louboutin ‘Rosazissimo’ feather shoes

Feathers don’t tend to rank particularly highly in The Fashion Police’s list of "things we like to see stuck onto our clothes", but we think we might be persuaded to make an exception for these ‘Rosazissimo’ sandals by He Who Can Do No Wrong, ‘Christian Louboutin Yes, the feather embellishment looked a little bit like a pom-pom at first glance, but a closer look reaveals a drama-packed shoe that, as Net-a-Porter point out, would be perfect for the "boudoir". They’re £400, but hey, who’s counting?   

Wanted! Kate Spade’s ‘Hera’ pumps

The combination of pink and red sounds like something The Fashion Police would normally hate, but it’s hard to hate something so pretty, so when we spotted these Kate Spade ‘Hera’ pumps on the Nordstrom homepage, we just knew we had to show them to you. You can take it as read that we like the bow, but what we really like about these shoes is that sexy, curved side, which makes us want to take these and put them on show, even if we didn’t get round to wearing them. If they float your boat, they’re $318 at Nordstrom.

Wanted! 50’s style full skirts from Oasis

Every summer, The Fashion Police find themselves seduced by the lure of full-skirted, 50s style skirts, just like these ones from Oasis, which make us want to pull on a pair of bobby socks and head down to the local record hop. Well, maybe without the bobby socks bit… These skirts are very fun and feminine, and if you don’t want to look like an extra from Grease, you can wear them, like the ASOS model, with nude or tan coloured sandals and a simple little top. Then you can spin round like a dancer and watch those skirts twirl!

Wanted! Giuseppe Zanotti’s folded multi-satin sandals

After falling out with Giuseppe Zanotti yesterday over his frightening gladiator sandals, we’re ready to be friends with him again today – how could we not, when he’s created these gorgeous purple sandals? These are $650, so are sadly outwith The Fashion Police budget at the moment, but if they weren’t, they’re the kind of shoes we’d have snapped up in a New York minute, even if we didn’t have anywhere to wear them. While the bow alone would normally do it for us, we’re also loving the mix of purple satins and the simple-but-still-gorgeous design. Get them at Shopbop.

Wanted! Prada’s satin d’orsay peep toes with rose

After the recent horrors of the ‘Butt Window Skirt’ and Dog Poo Shoe’, Prada just wanted to stick their heads round the door of Fashion Police HQ to say, "Look! We can still be pretty when we want to! Say we are pretty?" They’re saying it with these satin d’orsay peep toes which are $560 at Bergdorf Goodman, without a dog turd or butt window in sight, OK, Prada: you’re pretty. Now, try and keep it up, yes?

Wanted! Chapeau Claudette wool Emi hat

We can’t think of a single place we’d wear it, and we’d look pretty odd walking around Fashion Police HQ in it, but we still love this wool ‘Emi’ hat by Chapeau Claudette, which is currently £28 at ASOS. ASOS.com claim that this hat is "in the style of" Dita Von Teese, and we would have to agree that it does have a bit of retro glam chic about it, just like Dita. It;s available in bright red and "denim", which is the colour pictured. Wear with a pencil skirt, long leather gloves and the type of hairdo that requires lots of pins and spray…

Wanted! Miu Miu’s bejewelled strappy sandals

It’s Friday. It’s been a long, hard week, and it’s not over yet. Just to make matters worse, it’s snowing outside. None of this matters, though, because look at what Miu Miu have made, to cheer us up? They’re pretty. They’re shiny. They’ve got big-ass jewels stuck to the heels. They’re £395 at Net-a-Porter, and if we owned them we’d probably spend the whole evening worrying about keeping those jewels intact, but meh, who cares: at least they made us smile. P.S. Yes, Miu Miu, we forgive you for those dragonfly boots. Keep up the good work.

Wanted! Valentino’s pink bow peep toe shoes

We’re still in a Valentino mood after this week’s last-ever  couture catwalk show, so we thought the least we could do to pay tribute to the V-Man was to show you a great pair of his shoes. Valentino has always been particularly skilled at creating bow-fronted peep toes, and the label is clearly staying on top of that pink shoe trend with these ones. These aren’t the kind of bright pink that’s difficult to wear, but if you sill find them a little too "Barbie" for your tastes, they’re also available in black, for $645.

Wanted! Navy buton bow top from Dorothy Perkins

Bows are back. The Fashion Police say, “Hallelujah and praise the Gods of Fashion, because we’re all about the bows.” Of course, to be perfectly honest, it’s not like bows have actually been anywhere, but the fashion powers-that-be have decreed them to be officially “back” for Spring, and Dororthy Perkins know it: it was love at first look between us and this navy bow top which is only £15, and will look fabulous in the summer worn with a pair of tailored shorts, or right now with dark denim jeans. It’s cheered us right up, in fact…

Wanted! Retro style swimsuits by Jasmine Guinness. (And the weather to wear them in)

Yes we know, we know: swimwear weather’s still a long way away, but we can always pretend, can’t we? Oli’s Spring/Summer catalogue dropped through the door of Fashion Police HQ today, containing these gorgeous, retro-style swimsuits by Jasmine Guinness, in a selection of pretty prints. The one-piece made a comeback last summer, and will still be around this year. And hey, if you can’t wear these to the beach (yet), there’s always the pool at the gym*, because who says excersize has to mean a boring old black bathing suit, when it can mean pin-up girl style? * Maybe not the one with the skirt, though. That could count as overkill.

Wanted! Big Bow Waistcoats by Gaspard Yurkievich

Spotted this morning over at Style Bubble, these gorgeous bow waistcoats by Gaspard Yurkievich instantly went straight to the top of my "items I’m obsessing over" list. Bows will win me over every time, of course, but these ones are feminine without being frilly, and they’re also reduced to half price and now available for 325,000 euros. I’ll have one in each colur, please…

Wanted! Topshop’s Puppy Tooth Jacket

OK, I admit it: I’m officially obsessed with Topshop at the moment. Can you blame, me, though? This cute little puppy tooth jacket (see, even the name makes me want to buy it, because who doesn’t love puppies? And their teeth?) reminds me of Vivienne Westwood’s front drape jacket, which looks very similar when you see it actually worn, and it has that kind of Gwen Stefani-style glamour to it that makes me want to wear it with tight jeans, peep toes and bright red lipstick. The short sleeves make it impractical for the Scottish winter, sadly, but come springtime, this will become the perfect piece.

Wanted! Fabulous, structured jackets by Vivienne Westwood

One thing Vivienne Westwood can be relied on to do well is tailoring, as these two fabulous jackets prove. The jacket on the right is from the Anglomania label, and is a classic example of Westwood’s quirky cuts (you really need to see it on to appreciate it fully – this picture isn’t the best). The jacket on the left, meanwhile, is the Exaggerated Lapel Fitted Jacket by Red Label, and it had me from "exaggerated lapels" – I’m an absolute sucker for them, and the sheer drama of this piece has me drooling. It’s £430 from Net-a-Porter, while the other is a "mere" £311.

Wanted! Leather cross-body satchels from Topshop

I know things have been a little Topshop-centric here today, but they’ve been doing such sterling work recently (tie-dye skirts aside) that it’s only right that they be recognised for it. These gorgeous leather satchels are currently reigning supreme at the top of my "Things I Want" list (tell me everyone has one of those?). The black is the more practical of the two, so naturally it’s the pretty pale green that attracted my attention. It managed to go out of stock in the few hours that elapsed between me book-marking it this morning and writing about it this afternoon (dontchya just hate it when that happens?), so if you want one too, you may have to do what I’ll…