Fantasy Buy of the Week: Monsoon’s ‘Laurette’ top

In the great scheme of things, £65 isn’t exactly a huge amount of money, but given that it’s as much (or more) than some of the dresses we’ve featured lately, this ‘Laurette’ top from Monsoon will have to remain a “fantasy” buy, for us, for the moment, at least. Price aside, though, we’re loving the bright blue colour (is it just us, or is there a helluva lot of bright blue around at the moment) and the rose-embellished, one-shouldered style, which will instantly dress up everything from a pair of jeans to a pencil skirt. On the plus side, it also looks expensive. Ah well, maybe when pay-day comes…

Wanted! Jeffrey Campbell over-the-knee boots with wooden heel

We’ve been going through a bit of an obsession with over-the-knee boots lately. The thing is, of course, over-the-knee-boots aren’t always the easiest things in the world to wear, and they can come off a bit “Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman” if you’re not careful, which is why we’ve been engaged on a seemingly endless search for the perfect pair. And why we now find ourselves rummaging around Fashion Police HQ, hoping to find enough spare cash down the back of the couch or something to buy ourselves these ones by Jeffrey Campbell. We think these are just right: the wooden heel is thick and short enough not to look hookerish, while the brown, two-tone leather helps give them a…

Wanted! Black twill front mac and cloche hat from Miss Selfridge

After the various fashion horrors we’ve subjected you to today, we thought we’d give our eyes a rest by taking a quick look at the Miss Selfridge website, where we very quickly found ourselves coveting this very ladylike coat and hat combo, which will give a little bit of 40s style to your winter outerwear this year. Worn together, you’ll look like one of the central characters in a Miss Marple mystery, but that may not be such a bad thing: the ruffle front on the macintosh gives it a modern twist, and as for the cloche hat, well, it’s a damn sight more stylish than Toshop’s pierrot number, at least… The hat is £15 and the coat is £60….

Fantasy Buy of the Week: Paul & Joe Sister wool triple button coat

We’ve started looking at winter coats already, and we were quickly distracted by this one by Paul & Joe Sister. At £300, it’s at the lower end of the “fantasy” league, especially given that wool coats tend to be one of those things that people are willing to spend that bit more on, but it’s still a bit too pricey for us, which means making it our Fantasy Buy of the Week is probably as close as we’re ever going to get to it. The bright green colour was the thing that first drew our eyes to this, of course, but on closer inspection, we were also impressed with the  shape – short swing coats like this have real 60s-style…

Budget Buy of the Week: stone encrusted feather brooch from ASOS

Despite not generally being too keen on items that could have the word “bling” used to describe them, The Fashion Police will admit to being partial to the odd sparkly brooch or three, and to this sparkly brooch in particular. It’s from ASOS, and it takes the shape of a feather (yes, we know what we’ve said about feathers in the past, but this one isn’t real, so we’re letting it under our Bird Radar). We think this would look fabulous against a plain black sweater or dress, and would be just the right amount of “bling” (there’s that word again – oh how we hate it!) to glam up an outfit without overpowering it. Buy: Feather detail brooch, £18,…

Wanted: Oliver Goldsmith’s ‘Audrey’ sunglasses

The Fashion Police Commissioner has very light-sensitive eyes – so sensitive, in fact, that as far as she’s concerned, sunglasses aren’t just a summer fashion accessory, but an all-year-round investment. Or that’s what she tells herself when she finds cute glasses like these ones by Oliver Goldsmith and wonders if she really needs another pair of sunglasses enough to spend £195 on them. Granted, this is a gorgeous, classic style (They’re probably not called ‘Audrey’ for nothing), but what do you think about designer sunglasses, Fashion Force? Worth a splurge, or would you rather save your pennies for something else?

Wanted! Black ruffle front jacket

Apologies for bringing you two posts in a row about Dorothy Perkins this week, but we thought they deserved some major credit for this black, ruffle front jacket, which looks much more “designer” than “high street” to us. In fact, if we’d been shown this without knowing where it came from, we somehow don’t think Dotty P’s would have been our first guess… The ruffles on the front are, of course, what sets this apart from every other black, blazer-style jacket we’ve been seeing lately, and we like the curved hem, too. Perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans or adding a bit of edge to a work suit, and only £28, too. Nice, work, Dorothy Perkins!

Wanted! Dog in pocket tee from Urban Outfitters

Clothing with pictures of animals on it is normally a “no no” in The Fashion Police Rule Book (just another of our little quirks), but for some reason we’re finding ourselves drawn to this cute little t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, which has a picture of a puppy peeking out of the pocket. Ignoring the fact that the puppy appears to be wearing a hair bow (another “no” for us), and the fact that people might just keep staring at your boobs in this, or, worse, trying to pet the pooch, we think this is just cute enough for us to like it without wanting to vomit. If you concur, it’s £25 from Urban Outfitters.

Wanted! Faith’s Bdusty heart-shaped handbag

The last thing The Fashion Police need in their lives (or, indeed, their bulging wardrobes) is yet another cutesy handbag, but when Faith insist on placing ones like this right in front of our eyes when we log onto their website, well, it’s hard to resist, isn’t it? This is their Bdusty bag, it’s £30, it’s also available in black, and we’d put money on it not being available for very long, such is its general adorableness. We’re going to try and look away now, lest we be led into temptation…

Wanted! Stripe bow pocket cardigan from Miss Selfridge

This little bow pocket cardigan from Miss Selfridge will be literally too cute for some of you, who probably want to vomit right about now, but if you’re into that retro/pin-up-girl look, pair this with with either a 50’s style circle skirt or some denim capris, add red nail-polish and lipstick and some heart-shaped sunglasses and you’ll have the look down pat. You’ll also look a little like you’re on the way to a fancy dress party, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to tone it down easily enough too. It’s £30 from Miss Selfridge.

Wanted! Pretty floral print bra by La Senza

We’ve tried to get into floral print, we really have. We see it on other people, and we think, "Hmm, pretty!" but every time we try to wear it ourselves, we inevitably end up looking like post-war spinsters, and find ourselves wanting to invite elderly ladies round to Fashion Police HQ for a nice cup of tea and a scone. So floral print on dresses, skirts, etc? Nice, but just not for us. On lingerie, on the other hand? Well now, that’s a totally different matter, and when we discovered this pretty little bra on the La Senza website, we found ourselves cooing over it as if it were a small, fluffy animal. Then we glanced at the price and…

Shoe Porn: Moda in Pelle’s peep toe bow sandals

While these are just a little bit too much in the pink patent version they’re also available in, we think that in this lovely pale gold they make the perfect pair of "special occasion" shoes. They’re £80 from Moda in Pelle, which places them at the upper end of the high street price bracket for shoes, but we actually think they have a bit of a designer look about them, which may just justify the price for you. Also available in white, which could make a good wedding shoe, if you’re a bride-to-be, although we’d still personally go with the gold – at least you’ll be able to wear them after the wedding that way.

Wanted! Lovely loungewear from La Senza

Yes, folks, we’re taking our obsession with bows into the bedroom, and we don’t care how much you roll your eyes at us for doing it, because these little sleepwear sets from La Senza are just too cute to resist. Actually, they’re too cute to wear just to bed, either, so we’d put these to good use by wearing them to lounge around the house of an evening, and we’d probably be tempted to wear the cami tops outside of the house too, if only the one on the left didn’t look suspiciously see-through. Ah well, at £18 for a capri n’ cami combo, we think it’s a pretty good deal. But which one do we like best, we wonder?…

Wanted! Pussy bow scarves from Oasis

We know what you’re thinking here (spooky, no?) and yes, you’re absolutely correct: there is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t just tie a normal scarf in a pussy bow, rather than buying a special scarf, like these ones from Oasis, which are £10 each. This post, then, is here mostly as a reminder to ourselves to do that next time we want to add a bit of interest to a plain sweater or other dull outfit: after all, we’re all about the bows here and this would be a cheap n’ chic way to let us wear ’em…

Wanted! Topshop’s Reno caged platform shoes

These shoes. They’re not new – in fact, they’ve been in and out of stock on the Topshop website for a couple of months now. And we want them. We love the huge platform, the caged vamp and the gorgeous nude coloured leather. We also love the blue and the brown versions, too – and we’d probably love them in any other colour Topshop cared to bring them out in. No, we have absolutely nowhere to wear them, but we don’t care. If you don’t either, you can buy them for £60 at Topshop,

The mating habits of Christian Louboutin shoes

Awww! Would you look at that: these Christian Louboutin pumps found each other so attractive they just had to start mating, right there on the Neiman Marcus website! It’s hard to blame them, though: the bow, the peep toe, the sexy d’orsay cut… hell, we’re getting hot just looking at them. And maybe if we were shoes, we’d want to mate with them too. Actually, no, we think we’ve gone too far now. We’ll stop. And those shoes on the left should seriously get a room…

Wanted! Margot patent clutch bag from Oasis

£55 is rather a lot to pay for a clutch bag, especially on the high street, but we think this ‘Margot’ clutch from Oasis could just be pretty enough to explain the price. This is a cute n’ classy looking clutch which would work for smart day occasions (although clearly not for work, unless you really do like to travel light) or evenings out. It’s available in ‘clotted cream’ and ‘shadow grey’ and has a bit of old-style glamour to it, which we think is no bad thing in a handbag.

Wanted: Courtney Crawford’s patent slingback sandals

Sometimes a pair of shoes takes a while to grow on you, and it’s only after you’ve spent a few minutes wondering what you’d wear with them that you realise you really must have them. Not these ones. No, it was love at first look between The Fashion Police and these patent slingbacks by Courtney Crawford. How could it not be? These are so simple and elegant, and yet so sexy, that we loved them unreservedly from the moment we laid our beady little eyes on them. And at least you don’t have to wonder what to wear them with, either: shoes like these will work with anything (and if not, who cares?)

Wanted! Pretty ballet flats from Pretty Ballerinas

The Fashion Police don’t often wear flat shoes, but the ones on offer at Pretty Ballerinas are almost enough to make us swear off stilettos for life. Almost, we said… Right now we’re particularly loving these ‘Marilyn’ pumps, which have a super-low cut vamp to let you show off some toe cleavage, and, best of all, an almond shaped toe, which we personally find much more flattering than the rounded toes most ballet flats come with. These are 129 EUR, and are available in lots of different colours, both with and without the flower embellishment.

Wanted! Pussy bow shirt from ASOS

Ah, the humble white shirt! Subject of recent debate here at The Fashion Police, and the so-called "wardrobe staple" that turned out to be not-such-a-staple after all, according to our readers. We admitted to not being fans of white shirts, and to not actually owning any of them, but we didn’t say we’d never change our minds, and if we were to splash some cash on something of the "shirt" nature, we think this pussy bow shirt from ASOS could be the very shirt to tempt us back to the fold. Of course, we’d hate having to iron it, but we would enjoy feeling like 1960s secretaries, with pussy bows and pencil skirts. Maybe we shouldn’t have admitted that? If…