Wanted! Michael Kors Skirted Swimsuit With Belt

This is another item that falls firmly into the “in our dreams” category, but if we were in the habit of splashing out £220 at a time for swimwear,this Michael Kors one-piece would be residing somewhere near the top of our shopping lists. Not to worry, though: the onepiece – and particularlt the retro-inspired onepiece – is back in a bog way this season, so we’re sure to see something similar on the high street very soon. And if money is no object, you can buy this one right now at ASOS.

Wanted! ‘Unforgettable’ bikini by Betsey Johnson

Aww! Given the tiny window of opportunity in which we're actually able to wear bikinis, you'd think we'd have managed to get over our obsession with them by now, but apparently not, because this week sees us cooing over this adorable little yellow number by Betsey Johnson. It's available at Macy's, but Urban Outfitters also have a tankini version which we'd imagine may be a little too much like lingerie for some of you – take a look for yourself under the jump!

Wanted! Anthropologie ‘Take a Bow’ jacket

We prevaricated over this jacket for so long that it went out of stock in the colour we wanted. Then it came back into stock, but by then we'd lost all hope and spent our money on shoes instead. Oh, the humanity! We present it to you no so you can learn from our mistakes and not replicate them. All we ask is that, if you do buy it, you think of us occasionally when you wear it. It's available in red, black or dark grey, and you can buy it at Anthropologie.

Wanted! Office’s ‘Love Me Tender’ striped heart-front peep toe shoes

They’re so kitsch we just bet some of you are gagging into your morning coffee right now and going “Oh, not the whole nautical thing AGAIN?!” We’re sorry about that. The sun is out, though, and Spring has well and truly arrived, which makes us feel like just surrendering to the stripes – and hey, if they come with a love-heart on the top, well, so much the better! These are £60 from Office and are also available in a black and white star print, which isn’t nearly as nice, in our humble opinions.

Wanted! Fleur T swimwear from Topshop

 As you may well have guessed, The Fashion Police have been spending a lot of time thinking about swimwear recently. Well, it gives us something to do while the wind howls around the HQ and the rain pours down. Last summer, the high-waisted bikini brief made a welcome return to the swimwear scene, and we're pleased to see there are still some around this year, too. As well as being a little less revealing, and therefore more comfortable, than some of their low-riding counterparts, these also have a nice "Bathing Belle" kind of feel to them, and being the unashamed retro lovers we are, that has a lot of appeal. This navy polka dot bikini is by Fleur T, and…

Wanted! Loeffler Randall circle ruffle one piece swimsuit

  OK, so it may not be the most practical swimsuit you've ever owned, and it's unlikely to be the cheapest, but we like the combination of the simple bodice and ruffled shoulder on this Loeffler Randall one-piece. Trying to pack light for your vacation? No problem: throw on a pair of shorts/skirt/trousers or even jeans with this, and you'll have yourself  a nice little evening look too. Yes, we know it'll be a lot like wearing a bodysuit, but we promise not to tell if you don't…

Wanted! Miss Selfridge’s Chanel-style cardigan

  OK, so it’s probably never going to be mistaken for Chanel, but at just £30, we think this cute little Miss Selfridge cardigan is an easy way to fake it… Wear with a string of pearls and a pair of heels for a very “grown-up” look, or with jeans to smarten up a causal look. It’ll make a handy little Spring staple, too, worn as a  jacket in the (hopefully) warmer weather. For reasons best known to themselves, Miss Selfridge have chosen to only make thus available in petite sizes for the moment, but if that sounds like you, you can buy it here.

Wanted! ASOS heart top (lets you dress like Victoria Beckham. Sort of.)

Remember Victoria Beckham's heart-embellished Marc Jacobs dress? It was pretty, but maybe just a little bit OTT for anyone who isn't also known as Posh Spice, which is why we think this top from ASOS is a much more wearable – not to mention affordable – version. This is £34.50, and has a one-shoulder design, with pretty little hearts holding it up, a gently draped front and a nipped in waist. It's also long-enough to let you wear it with skinny jeans or leggings without flashing too much belly/crotch. We like.

Wanted! The best denim jacket EVER!

  If all the denim jackets in the world were as nice as this one, we think the world would be a prettier place. Not that we have anything against denim jackets, per se, you understand but imagine: if all the people who currently wore them suddenly looked all chic and stylish, and a little bit like they'd just stepped out of some French movie set in The Time of Better Tailoring, we wouldn't exactly be complaining. This particular jacket is by L'Autre Chose, and while the denim fabric makes it technically a "casual" piece, wear it, as shown, with a pair of cotton trousers or capris, and you'll look instantly smarter than you would have done in a regular…

Wanted! Jersey biker jackets to keep you warm until Spring…

We mentioned last week that we've been loving the look of biker jackets lately, but if leather is too expensive (or you just don't want to wear it), there is an alternative that's looking pretty good too: jersey. These three jackets won't just look good, they'll keep you warm, too (and be soft enough to wear at home if you're a fellow Cold Person), and although only one is in a traditional "biker" shape, we love the shape of all three of these, and think they'll be the perfect way to add just a little hint of biker style to your outfit. Jersey biker jacket, £22, New Look; Ink herringbone ruffle front jacket, £59, Principles; petite jersey jacket (also available…

From the “We wish it wasn’t almost $3,000” files: Dior Torsade gingham jacket

  Being the retro fashion fiends we are, as soon as we laid eyes on this little gingham jacket, our hearts beat faster and we started imagining it worn with everything from capri pants to jeans, and maybe with a pencil skirt if we wanted to really dress it up. Then we looked at the price tag, $2,860. Lordy! Pass us our smelling salts! It’s cute, yes, and it is Dior, so the price shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise, but even so, readers, even SO. We’re going to wait for the (hopeful) high street copy to come out. You, meanwhile, can purchase this one at eLuxury, if you so desire.

Wanted! Black stripe asymmetric jacket from Miss Selfridge

  The Fashion Police are all about jackets right now. This has worked out quite well for us, actually, because there are a lot of jackets around to love at the moment: leather biker jackets, slouchy tuxedo jackets, trenches (OK, so they tend to be coats rather than jackets, but still…) and now this asymmetric fitted jacket from Miss Selfridge,which is £45, but has a hint of the Vivienne Westwood about it that we appreciate. We love the sharp tailoring on this, and the fact that the flared hip area helps make the waist look smaller. The asymmetric design, meanwhile, makes it that little bit unusual, and it’s the kind of design that’ll look equally good worn over a dress/with…

Wanted! Vila Ruched Sweat Jacket

Remember the Dorothy Perkins ruffle-front coat we put on the “Wanted” list back in August? Here’s a nice “sweat jacket” version from ASOS which we think would be pefect for casual wear. Fleecy sweat jackets are invaluable to those of us who find ourselves permanently freezing, but they can be just a little bit too casual for anything other than “slobbing out” purposes. This one, on the other hand, is smart but smuggly – win! It’s £29.50 from ASOS, and is also available in grey.

Wanted! Norma Kamali’s retro swimsuits

At around about this time every year, The Fashion Police are thrown into confusion as the stores start filling up with a steady trickle of spring/summer wear (And is it just us, or is that happening earlier every year now?) and even although the weather at the HQ remains icy, we suddenly start coveting things like swimsuits and sandals. These Norma Kamali swimsuits are clearly not going to be of much use to us at this time of year (or, indeed, at any other, given the price tags – they’re £315 each), but they do make rather nice eye candy for those days when we like to image ourselves as pin up girls… (What, you don’t do that too?). Get…

Wanted! Helene Berman Bow Beret

As far as The Fashion Police are concerned, people don’t wear hats often enough. Or they do, but they tend to be baseball hats, or woolly, tea-cosy style knitted creations, and where’s the fun – or glamour – in that? There’s plenty of both fun and glamour in this bow beret by Helene Berman. We think "cute" is the only word for this hat, and even although August’s Cosmopolitan cautioned its readers to never wear berets, ever, we’d have to respectfully disagree, and say that you can wear this one without any fear of Fashion Police arrest. We certainly will be… 

Wanted! Maison Martin Margiela’s bright red mid heel boots

OK, Martin Margiela, all is forgiven! We know we’ve had issues with you in the past, but these boots just about make up for it… Now, we know the bright red is going to be way too much for some of you, but we’re blaming it on our early Wonder Woman fixation, which has left us longing for a pair of red boots worthy of a superhero. We think these could be those boots: we love the demi-wedge heel, which helps give them a bit of a futuristic look, and while we’d be equally happy with a slightly less brash shade of red, this one definitely grabbed our attention at least. These are £655 and will probably appall some of…

Wanted! Nautical style ‘Ahoy Vest’ by Miss Braches

Still loving the nautical look? We are, and we’ll probably go on loving it, regardless of whether it’s in or out of fashion. Currently sitting at the top of our nautical wish list is this ‘Ahoy Vest’ by Etsy seller Miss Braches. These are made to order, and are reversible, with one side navy, and the other side red, as shown above. We love the puffed sleeves and fitted waist, which will help to create that hourglass look, and think this would be the perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans, especially during the spring and summer months. If you think so too, you can buy it here.

Don’t step on our blue suede ‘Repul’ knee boots from Faith

OK, so they’re probably not going to be the most practical boots you’ll ever own but we love these blue suede ‘Repul’ boots from Faith, which have just the right amount of slouchiness combined with that brilliant bright blue colour to make us want to find a way to justify buying them. At the moment, the £90 price tag is the only thing putting us off, but we’re adding them to our Christmas list and hoping Father Christmas is kind to us – or that the price comes down in the sales. If you’d prefer something a little less vibrant, these are also available in black, and you can buy a pair here.

Wanted! Flower corsage floppy hats from Oasis

Yes, it’s another hat. There are so many of them around this winter, and in every style you could possibly imagine, but we’re particularly liking the look of this one from Oasis, which is £30 and also available in teal. It has an old-fashioned glamor to it that we really like, and the colours are perfect for winter, too. That’s not to say we’d actually buy this, of course. Oh hell, no. The Fashion Police tend to look like they’re starring in a bad costume drama if they try to wear accessories like this one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look…

Wanted! River Island’s smart jacket with tails

We all know that a good blazer is one of those “wardrobe staples” fashion mags are always banging on about, and that’s particularly true during the summer, when you can sling one on with a pair of jeans and a tank top and still look pulled together. A smart jacket is also a great buy during the Christmas party season, too, though, because few things look better thrown over a little party dress -just ask Gwyneth Paltrow if you don’t believe us. Sure, this black tail jacket from River Island isn’t going to keep you warm, but if you’re doing a quick “car to bar” hop, or just want something to keep you warm once you’re inside your chosen venue,…