Shoe Porn: Zara black pointed toe court shoes

We know pointed toes have been out of favour with the fash pack for a while now, but if ever there was a shoe to make us want to bring them back, this would be it: the photo in the bottom right corner of the image alone would be enough to do it. We’re also really glad to be able to report that these come from good ol’ Zara, so they’ll only set you back £59.99, as opposed to the more usual £599.99 usually attached to a piece of Shoe Porn. Good work, Officer Zara! (Click here to buy them)

Schuh Porn: Green ‘Frenchie Butterfly’ court shoes

So, as we’ve noted before, these shoes are a complete rip-off of a style Dolce & Gabanna released a couple of seasons ago – or, at least, the black and white versions, which Schuh were selling last year, are. We’re going to overlook it on this occasion, however, because… … well, because lookit them. Green. Suede. Butterflies. We love them. We covet them. And one day, we just might buy them. Hopefully when they’re on sale, though. If you don’t want to wait until then, you can click here to buy them right now, for £70.

Shoe Porn: Red Polka dot court shoes from Next

“Porn” is possibly the wrong choice of words for these polka dot shoes, because they’re definitely more sweet than sexy, but when Shoeperwoman spotted them earlier this month, we knew we’d have to take them into our safe keeping: well, we wouldn’t want anyone being corrupted by them, would we? These are a lethal combination of all the things The Fashion Police love in the footwear world: the bow, the polka dot, the red heel… and surprisingly enough, for once they’re not ridiculously priced, at just £35 – amazing. (Click here to buy them)

Denim lingerie? Er, yes please!

Here at The Fashion Police, we’ve always been of the opinion that denim is best kept for jeans only: and, OK, maybe the odd jacket or two, if we’re feeling in a Blossom kinda mood. We’ve also always been kinda fickle, though, and this month we’re surprised to admit that Topshop have managed to turn us around on the issue of denim lingerie, although admittedly they’re at an advantage here, because we believe this to be more denim coloured, rather than the kind of fabric your jeans are made of. Still, we’re not sure if it’s the polka dots, or the ruffles, or if we’ve maybe just been denim-lingerie-lovers all along, but this little set triggered our “cute” reflex. If…

Trashy Diva Rosalind dress

Wanted: Trashy Diva Rosalind dress

We came across the Trashy Diva website (thanks to reader Kat) and wanted, well, just about everything if we’re honest.  Contrary to its name, the site stocks gorgeous fitted frocks, jackets, skirts and wonderful accessories.  In particular though, we were rather taken with this Rosalind dress.  The site describes it as ‘very slimming’ and we can definitely see that that would be the case. If you love this dress as much as we do, it’s $275 at Trashy Diva.

Wanted! Hybrid pencil dresses at ASOS

For reasons that aren’t particularly clear to us, our favourite (and not-so-favourite) fashion criminals have been keeping a low profile this week, which is good news in a way as the temporary cease-fire gives us more time to look at pretty dresses online. The latest brand to catch our attention is called Hybrid, and has just started to be stocked at ASOS. We’re loving the fitted pencil dresses from this collection: good for work, but also perfect for parties, and we reckon Joan Holloway would approve, too, which is always a pretty good yardstick for us: WWJD – What Would Joanie Do? (Why, she’d buy the dresses, of course! They’re around £85 each and you can click here to buy…

Wanted! 40s style stripe halter bikini from Topshop

We know bikini season is already a thing of the past here in the Northern hemisphere, but we’ve had our beady eyes on this retro style stripe bikini from Topshop for a few days now, and have noticed that it’s selling out fast online, so we figured it was our duty to inform you of its existence, just in case you have a winter sun break planner or, er, need something to wear in the jacuzzi at the gym. We love the retro shape of this, from the figure-flattering (on some figures, at least) high-waisted bottoms, to the nautical stripes, which are just begging to be worn with bright red lipstick and a pair of cat’s eye sunglasses. If you…

Shoe Porn: Kurt Geiger Fashionistas ‘Corso Como’ blue crystal embellished pumps

The Fashion Police are hereby confiscating this case of Shoe Porn with immediate effect. We’ll be taking these Kurt Geiger ‘Corso Como’ pumps into our custody, so that no one can be corrupted by them. Well, no one except us, anyway. Well also take the black versions and the yellow versions, just to keep you all safe from temptation. It’s OK you don’t need to thank us, we’re just doing our job… If, however, you feel you can be trusted to keep the shoes safe, and treat them with the respect they deserve, you can click here to buy them from Kurt Geiger, where they’re £290. Oh, if only they were just a little bit less expensive!

Shoe Porn: Kurt Geiger ‘Cairo’ green suede platform peep toes

Just to take your mind off those Marc Jacobs jester boots we showed you earlier today, here’s our favourite shoe of the week, courtesy of our sister shoe blog, Shoeperwoman. These are ‘Cairo’ by Kurt Geiger, and we don’t know about you, but we’d sell our sister for them – assuming we actually had one, of course. As we don’t, we’ll just have to settle for admiring them from afar, and hoping they eventually go on sale for even a little bet less than the £199 they’re currently retailing for. Also available in black and blush patent, we think this gorgeous green suede is the best colour of all. Get them here – just try to leave a pair or two…

Wanted: Jessica Biel’s shoes from the MTV Movie Awards

Tame black ankle-strap heels from the front, glitzy glamorous party shoes from the back! We love these shoes Jessica Biel wore to the MTV Movie Awards this weekend with a Giambattista Valli dress. The whole ensemble was very sexy secretary, but these shoes really take the cake.  Sadly, we cannot find a fashion credit for the shoes anywhere, but that does not stop us lusting over them.

Wanted! Red multi-button pencil skirt from Topshop

A little bit of pin-up girl style on the high street, and something that could easily become a winter wardrobe staple, all this Topshop pencil skirt needs is a pair of high heels and something simple on top, and you’re good to go. It’s an affordable £35, and although it’s no longer available in all sizes on the website, unfortunately, you can still find it in store. We suppose a price drop in the January sales is too much to hope for, Topshop?

Shoe Porn: Pink peep toes by Rene Caovilla

It’s been a while since we confiscated some Shoe Porn, but we thought these pink peep toes by Rene Caovilla fit the bill rather nicely.  As Shoeperwoman noted, they have a real “boudoir” feel to them, and seem to be just begging to be worn with a silk negligee and… not much else. Sadly, the 790 euro price tag precludes us from buying them, so we’ll just have to take them into custody instead. Don’t worry, we’ll look after them…

Wanted! Tom Ford Nikita cat-eye acetate sunglasses

We have a feeling this may not be a popular opinion, but… we still kinda love these Tom Ford ‘Nikita’ sunglasses. They make a nice change from all of the bug-eye and aviator styles that’ve dominated the past few years (not that we don’t love those, too, mind you: The Fashion Police are sunglasses junkies), and they have a nice little retro twist to them, too, which is always appreciated round these here parts. Tom Ford ‘Nikita’ sunglasses, £235, Net-a-Porter

Wanted! Retro-style lingerie from Topshop

Sequined knickers aside, Topshop actually has some fabulous pieces of actual lingerie in stock at the moment: think longline bras, high-waisted knickers, lace corsets – lingerie with a vaguely retro feel that looks good, but, more importantly, will help create a nice, smooth line under your clothes and, in the case of the high-waisted knickers, provide a bit of stomach-control, too. We’re particularly liking the current trend for longline bras, and like Topshop’s strapless, longline bustiers, which will be perfect under strapless dresses or bardot tops, meaning you don’t have to either show your bra straps or sacrifice your bra altogether if you want to wear certain styles. These are all available at Topshop.com.

Coat Corner: Jackie O style cocoon coat from Forever 21

[sorry, this image is missing] Bought your winter coat yet? If not, may we recommend this cocoon coat from Forever 21: not only is it a bargain at just $34.80, it’s very Jackie O – just add a pair of dark glasses and some elbow length gloves to keep your arms warm under those 3/4 sleeves for a chic, 60s look. Forever 21 brisk tweed jacket, $34.80

Shoe Porn: Christian Louboutin’s red Feticha pumps

Well, we know what WE’RE going to be asking Father Christmas for this year:Christian Louboutin’s ‘Feticha’ pumps in red. In the meantime, we’re confiscating this little bit of Shoe Porn. There are some perks to being The Fashion Police, after all…

Wanted! Marks & Spencer 125 Years Limited Collection ’50s Bow Dress

We know what you're thinking: it's a 50s-style dress AND it has a bow, which makes it pretty much a shoo-in as far as The Fashion Police are concerned. But this is just too perfect not to show to you: it's part of Marks & Spencer's 125 collection, which is inspired by vintage designs from the brand's archive, and it's £55 from here.

Wanted! Belted summer tops from River Island

We’ve been loving River Island’s line in summer tops lately, especially the three shown above, which have a bit of a retro feel to them. These are all fairly simple shapes, but they’ll be perfect for work, and an easy way to dress up a pair of jeans or pencil skirt. The two tops on the right and left of the picture are £29.99 each, while the one in the middle is, as you can see, reduced to £17. Not bad considering you’re also getting a belt, which you’ll be able to wear with other pieces, too. Get them at River Island.