Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top

High Street Hero: Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top

Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top, £32 An intricate, laser cut top isn’t something you generally find in the £30-or-thereabouts price bracket, so when we saw this one at Dorothy Perkins, we decided to nominate it as a High Street Hero. What’s a High Street Hero? It’s one of those items you find on the high street (Well, d’uh), which stand out from the crowd for one reason or another: either they look more expensive than they are, they’re the kind of quality you don’t always find from the price…or you just really like the look of them. This top falls into the third category for us. We haven’t seen it in the “flesh”, so we can’t speak to the…

blue bow peplum top

Wanted! Blue bow peplum top from A|Wear

The cream version of this bow peplum top is currently available for just £20 at A|Wear, and  they assure us its Tiffany-blue sister will be joining it soon. We’ll take both of ’em, please: they’d be perfect with either pencil skirts or skinny jeans, depending on how dressed up or down you want to be…

Oasis black and white peplum top

Wanted! Oasis black and white peplum top

You can’t possibly have missed the fact that peplums are in fashion right now. They come in every conceivable colour and pattern, of course, but this black and white stripe version from Oasis is our favourite so far: it looks particularly good paired with red, for a simple, yet bold, look. BUY: Black and white peplum top, £45, Oasis

ASOS Bandeau Playsuit in Spot with Bow

Wanted! ASOS Bandeau Playsuit in Spot with Bow

OK, so it would probably be pretty hard to pull this off AS a playsuit, even if you were a model. Not because it wouldn’t look good, you understand: just because it would look like you were out in public in your swimsuit. And that’s exactly how we’d wear this. Not in “public”, we hasten to add, but say you felt like lounging around the pool (without necessarily going in), flicking through some magazines, sipping on a cocktail… this is what you’d wear. And if not this, then perhaps we can interest you in the black version? Or coral? ASOS Bandeau Playsuit with Bow, £30: click here to buy it.

Miu Miu pink glitter sandals

Shoe of the Week: Miu Miu pink glitter finish patent leather heels

Sometimes you want your shoes to be classic, elegant, timeless: the kind of shoes that just ooze effortless sophistication, and which you’d wear countless times over, without ever getting bored with them. Other times, you just want them to like they came straight from Barbie’s Dream House to your feet. For those times, we give you Miu Miu’s pink, glitter finished sandals. Now all you need is a feather boa and you’re good to go. As for just WHERE you’ll be good to go TO, well, we’ll leave that one up to you… (We’re just kidding. Even Barbie would probably dismiss these as “a bit much…”)

Carvela 'Assemble' pumps

Shoe of the Week: Carvela ‘Assemble’ bow front pumps in blue

It’s Friday, the weekend’s almost here, the wine is chilling in the fridge, and we haven’t seen anyone wearing harem pants for, ooh, at least two days now. All of these things combine to put The Fashion Police in a good mood, so we thought we’d celebrate by showing you something we love, rather than something we just want to lock up for the rest if its natural life. For that reason, we give you Carvela’s ‘Assemble’ pumps. (Note: we’re not actually “giving” you them. We’d like to, of course, but they’re £120, and even The Fashion Police need to eat.) They’re blue. They’re Spring-like. They have that ladylike vibe going on that makes us want to wear them with…

polka dot blouse

Fashion Police Gold Star for…Joy’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection

We’ve long been fans of the small-but-perfectly-formed clothing boutique Joy, which is known for its cute and often quirky pieces, but this summer we’re in love with pretty much everything they have available. Well, how could we resist a collection which includes feminine florals, must-have mint, and enough stripes and polka dots to keep even us happy? You’ll find a selection of our current favourites under the jump, and everything on the page is available to buy here…

Oasis scenic print dress

Wanted! 50s style summer dresses from Oasis

Scenic print dress, £85 We know many of you can’t see a full-skirted summer dress without thinking of either grandma or Betty Draper, but for those who can (or who actually WANT to look like grandma or Betty Draper), all we can say to you is get thee to Oasis. It’s currently a veritable… well, oasis, really… of 50s style sun dresses. Here are a few of our favourites:

Alice + Olivia Cora plissé georgette dress

Wanted Wednesday: Luxury Edition

Earlier today we showed you some fashion picks from the UK high street: now it’s time to take a look at the luxury end of the market, with some clothes we love, but just can’t afford (and would probably never wear, even if we could…) Take a look at the gallery for items from Alice + Olivia, Viktor + Rolf, Zac Posen and more.

Dorothy Perkins black/cream bird print dress with Peter Pan Collar

Wanted Wednesday: High Street Edition

Happy hump-day, everyone! To celebrate the mid-point of the week, and also just because we felt like it, today we’re bringing you some of the products we love, as opposed to the ones we loathed. Or some of the products we quite liked, at least. You will quite possibly loathe them, and then we’ll have ALSO fulfilled the “fashion crime” part of our remit: everyone’s a winner, baby! First up, we bring you some high-street finds, which means items from the likes of Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Zara… you know, the things you might actually have a chance of buying, if you like them. (Well, maybe not the Kurt Geiger shoes, to be honest. They’re technically a “high street” brand, but…

Miu Miu pink leather tote bag

Wanted! Miu Miu pink grained-leather tote

It’s not like us to go for something Barbie pink. Or something which costs $1,295, for that matter. As soon as our officers laid eyes on this pink Miu Miu tote bag, however, we knew we had to have it – even if only in the “fantasy shopping” sense. It IS almost Christmas, after all. And we’ve been very, very good this year… Click here to buy it at Net-a-Porter.

Mad Men fashion at Dorothy Perkins

Wanted! Mad Men fashion at Dorothy Perkins

Roll collar pencil dress, £40 We’d just like to take a moment to virtually high-five Dorothy Perkins for their excellent work recently. We’ve been loving a lot of their clothes – a LOT of their clothes – but we’re particularly keen on the vaguely 60s-influenced, Mad Men style dresses they’ve been releasing over the past few weeks. And sure, everyone’s been doing 60s style, and everyone AND their dog has been jumping on the Mad Men train, but the fact that Dotty Ps dresses typically retail for around the £40 mark, and won’t make you look like you’re in costume (or not unless you go the whole hog with the 60s-style hair and makeup, too. We won’t judge you. Much.), we’ve been…

Fashion Police Wanted poster

“Wanted” Wednesday: Oasis

Especially for those of you who enjoy our occasional forays into the prettier side of fashion, we present Wanted Wednesday: a day when we will push the fashion crimes aside, and show you some of the things we’ve actually liked in our travels around the fashion web. It’ll be all rainbows and unicorns and positivity, and not like us at all, but hey: we have to give credit where credit’s due sometimes. We’re starting off our Wanted Wednesday with some offerings from Oasis, which we’ve been mighty impressed with lately. For instance: Ballerina flower dress, £110 OK, so it’s not so much “ballerina” as it is “60s bombshell”, but we like it. Imagine it with Dusty Springfield hair and lots of black…

Shoe Porn: Miss KG ‘Minnie’ shoes in red suede and black polka dot

We liked the original version of Miss KG’s ‘Minnie’ pumps, which has a soft grey upper with a pink bow. We like the 2011 upgrade even better, though, even although these have taken a much more literal interpretation of the ‘Minnie’ name, and will have to be styled carefully so you don’t ACTUALLY end up looking like Minnie Mouse. Still, red shoes have always been our thing, and when you add an oversized bow in a fun print, it gives them an extra element of cuteness, and makes them even more attention-getting than they were to start with. We approve. These are £80: click here to buy them.

Wanted! Retro-style swimsuits at Target

The Fashion Police have long been fans of retro-style swimwear, of the kind shown above: cut low on the hips, with a bit of ruching over the stomach, this shape is super-flattering, and surprisingly sexy – perfect for those of us who don’t really fancy the itsy-witsy, teeny-weeny bikini (yellow polka dot or otherwise). Of course, the drawback with this kind of swimswuit is that they tend to be on the expensive side, which is why we were so pleased to come across Target’s current collection. These suits retail for just $34.99, and are available in a wide range of prints, colours and shapes, with the ones shown above being just a small selection. For those of us outside of…

The Fashion Police love… Matalan’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection

We’re as surprised to be writing this as you possibly are to be reading it, but if you’re a fan of 50s-style florals (and yes, we know many of you aren’t, so our apologies for subjecting you to it if so…), get thee to Matalan. Yes, Matalan. For it is a veritable floral prom-dress palace at the moment, and we’ve also spotted a few other little bargains, such as the bow-front jacket and cherry-print dress pictured above. The best bit? It won’t cost you an absolute fortune, unlike some high street stores we could mention but won’t. (*Cough*Topshop*Cough*)

The Fashion Police love… Perfect party dresses by Suzannah

As well as arresting crimes of fashion, we also like to give credit where credit’s due, so with that in mind we figured it was our duty to draw your attention to the fabulous new dress collection by British designer Suzannah. Now, before you go getting too excited, some of these dresses are “as seen on celebrities”, so they’re not cheap (you could tell by looking at them, couldn’t you): in fact, the prices range from around £350 up (and up, and up…). In a fantasy shopping game, however, we’d definitely take one of each… To view the rest of the collection, click here.