Swimwear Section: Mossimo polka dot bikini from Target

Polkadotbikini We’ve shown you some fancy swimwear and some expensive swimwear here over the last few days, so today we thought it was time for something simple, sweet and, above all, affordable.

Well, it doesn’t get much more affordable than Target, but we’ve always liked their swimwear section, which is where we found this pretty little polka dot bikini from the Mossimo label.

Polka dots are something of a classic when it comes to swimwear, but we also like the crossover style of the bandeau top (those straps are detachable, if you want to wear it as a proper bandeau), which should help enhance your bust, while the tie-sided briefs are rather sweet, too.

This is also available in black, and top and bottom are $17.99 each.

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  • February 27, 2009


    wow! such a nice collection of swim wear! i like the style.looks hot! keep posting another swim wear!

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