Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

More Ugg-style attrocities


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

On the right of the picture, dead rabbit. On the right, dead fox. Both atop dead sheep, of course. What’s with the proliferation of real fur in fashion right now? Every day as we police the web we see real fur for sale in stores which, just a couple of years ago, probably wouldn’t have considered selling it. Is the wearing of real fur no longer as taboo as it used to be? Because it seems to us that a large part of the fashion industry just doesn’t care any more, and while we’ve discussed the use of fur in fashion more than enough times already here, we’ve still been surprised lately to find out just how much of it there is around this winter. Is it slowly becoming more acceptable to wear it, do you think, or will there always be a taboo connected to items like the ones shown above?

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