I like knitted/polyester hats with ears on, they look cute, …

Comment on More animal-inspired headwear from Topshop Unique by Panthera.

I like knitted/polyester hats with ears on, they look cute, and work if you don’t take yourself to seriously, but this is just gross.

I want to look cute, not like I just killed an animal and put it on my head!

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Bright Enough For Ya?
Poor Muppets :o(

Crime of Fashion? The Sad Smock
Can’t unsee sad face!

Is it possible to look stylish in Ugg boots?
I live in Norway, and even if it’s -20 degrees out, I just can’t get myself to wear Uggs. I’ve tried them on in the store, and I just feel they are floppy wool socks with a big rubber “plank” attached to the bottom, and couldn’t stand walking for more than a few steps in them. I had about the same reaction when Crocs were the new rage; I tried a pair on and found them really uncomfortable and annoying.
Personally I find Uggs to be the new “trashy, white chick” look, and just as I didn’t find the pajamas pants (that were all the rage in high schools here a few years back) very fashionable, I don’t think Uggs are either, even though every teenager is wearing them here (though rubber boots are the new big “fad”)..

But then, I have a tendency to be strangely warm on my extremities, even when it’s really cold outside, and can’t wear gloves for more than a few minutes before I pull them off because my hands feel like they’re burning up.

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
We’re moving, so today to build furniture and pack I wore some light blue jeggins, a 3/4 length sleeve, black and white striped long sweater/dress with gold buttons on one shoulder and nude ballerinas from H&M.

Long or Short? Bettie Page’s Captain dress, as seen on Holly Madison
Can I go with “middle”? I think the short is way too short, but I think the dress would work better if it was cut just above or on the knees, instead of that little tail under her knees..

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