Crime of Fashion: Cabin Creek’s “denim leggings”


I’m guessing Cabin Creek probably decided to call these "leggings" as part of some misguided attempt to appeal to "the young ones", because these aren’t "leggings" at all, are they? No, they’re Mom Jeans, plain and simple – and what a pair of Mom Jeans they are!

Now, I hesitated to include these amongst our Crimes of Fashion, because they’re clearly destined for the wardrobes of old people, but then I thought: why should old people be let off the hook? We all know they can dress perfectly stylishly if they want to, and while I’d be very surprised to see a pair of elastic-waist jeans on a person under the age of 70, well, I’d be surprised to see them on any of the over-70s I know too. There is no excuse, people! Rise up against the Mom Jeans -ugly at every age!

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