Topshop try to make mom jeans happen

mom jeans

“Wow!” we thought when this item first crossed our fashion radar, “Those look like MOM JEANS! It must just be the angle of the photo, though, for surely the pinnacle of modern fashion that is Topshop would not be trying to foist MOM JEANS upon its unsuspecting shoppers?”

Buy they ARE mom jeans. Deliberately so. It even says it in the product description, look:

mom jeans As you can see, “acid mom” is a thing now too, apparently. Which is… yeah.

So: mom jeans. Now, we know a lot of women who ARE moms take offence at this term, and rightly so. It’s not like moms can’t be stylish, after all. It’s not like becoming a mother means you have to throw out all of your regular clothes and slip into high-waisted, tapered leg “slacks” which flatter no-one. And let’s face it, that’s what “mom jeans” are, really.

If Topshop are selling them, though, it’s a good sign that they might be about to make a comeback: assuming, of course, that something that was never really fashionable to begin with can be said to make a “comeback”, that is.

What do you think? Could you rock the mom jean? Do you want to give it a try? You can buy these for £40 at Topshop if you do…

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