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Attack of the Mohair Dress Mannequins

Mohair_dress_crimeWhen we first opened this image, which was sent in by Fashion Police reader Sasha, our first instinct was to laugh, but our second instinct was to be afraid. Very afraid. For does it not look to you like this mannequin means business? The cold dead eyes, the fixed stare, the purposeful look: this is clearly a mannequin on a mission, folks. And her mission? Why, to make us all wear mohair dresses just like hers, obviously.

You can see why we’re afraid, can’t you?

This item was spotted on eBay, and duly reported to us, but we fear it may be too late to save the world from the oncoming attack of the mohair mannequins. All we can do is advise you to stay in, lock your doors and hope to weather the storm. And, of course, to feel amazed at the fact that it’s even possible to create the suggestion of a camel-toe on a mohair dress.

Good luck to you, one and all…

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