Everyone looks better when they smile. (Take a look at …

Comment on Modelling is Hard: Zombie Edition by Bethany.

Everyone looks better when they smile. (Take a look at those before-and-after pictures in self-improvement ads. The before pics are glum; the after pics are smiling.) It takes real talent to look good while pouting.

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They would be worse with lace around the ankle and toe.

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I choose neither. I don’t want an extra eye anywhere, evil or not.

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Well, if you don’t want to buy 5 different maternity dresses as you ripen, this style could solve your problem; but that’s a pragmatic approach, not an aesthetic one.

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I’m seeing the possibility of a Robin Hood costume here.

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Multicolored socks, and a sixties shift dress. Treat them like go-go boots.

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