Modelling is Hard: The Ring Edition

Samara from The Ring?

Is anyone else seeing Samara/Sadako from The Ring here? Because this creepy all-in one (yes, the “hair-in-front-of-the-face” thing is attached to the rest of it, which… well, we guess it would come in handy if you had a particularly bad skin breakout. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?) will certainly be giving us nightmares tonight, that’s for sure. And not just because someone’s going to pay £829 for it, either.

Here’s what it looks like on its own:

creepy dress

At least it would come in handy on a bad hair day? Or if you had a bad breakout of spots?

This is by Bless, who call it the ‘Ra Multispaghetti dress”. We promise we’re not making this up. Click here to buy it.

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