Modelling Is Hard: The Girls of BooHoo

MODEL A: So… I get why I’m wearing the skirt. The skirt is kinda cute, actually. But why I am I wearing my bra with it? And, you know, it’s MY bra. It’s not even, like, some kind of super-cute special bra or anything. Are they trying to say this is what you’d wear with the skirt? Or do they just want to photograph me in my underwear? Because, like, the agency totally didn’t tell me this was THAT kind of gig…

MODEL B: NO. SYMPATHY. In fact, I’ll see your “skirt and bra” combo and raise you an “out in public in just your knickers and a lace curtain”. Not so bothered about the bra now, huh?

MODEL A: Wait: are we on Wear or Die? OMG, we ARE!

MODEL C: In that case, can I choose death?


Modelling is hard, folks…

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