Crimes of Fashion, Sock Horror!

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela stretch ‘Zori’ boots: or “Socks attached to flip flops”, as we call them

Stuck-Together Daylight Robbery

Stuck-Together Daylight Robbery

These criminals were reported to us by Robyn, who says: “Anyone else think that $380 is too much to pay for what is basically a sock attached to a foot bed? Anyone think calling this a “boot” is quite the stretch, dear Tobi? Because I do.”

We do too, Robyn. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And we’re actually quite concerned about this, because where do we even start? It’s a sock stuck to a flip-flop. It’s a boot pretending to be a shoe. It’s a peep toe boot. It’s Daylight Robbery. It’s sock horror! It’s all these crimes of fashion, rolled into one, and you just never know where that kind of experiment will end, do you? A peep-toe harem pant attached to Crocs with a $1 million price tag, perhaps? The mind boggles.

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