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Style on Trial: Miu Miu’s Lady Harlequin bubble tunic

Miu_miu_dress This is one of the dresses Kirsten Dunst, bless her, wore in the advertising campaign she did for Miu Miu a few months back. We loved the images, but there’s a big difference between what looks good in an ad campaign and what looks good in real life, on people who haven’t been made up and airbrushed to within an inch of their lives, so we can’t help feeling that if we tried to wear Miu Miu’s Lady Harlequin bubble tunic ourselves, we’d end up looking like the court jester.

But that’s just us. What do you think of this dress, fair readers? Would you happily hand over £805 to Net-a-Porter in order to make it yours, or would they need to pay you that much to make you wear it?

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