Style on Trial: Miu Miu’s silk gazar cape


Miu Miu’s silk gazar cape was actually reported to us as a potential Crime of Fashion by Fashion Police Officer Victoria, who felt that it was a bit too "Little Red Riding Hood" for its own good. Of course, normally we would agree that anything that looks like it could be worn by a character in a fairy tale will generally turn out to be a crime of fashion, no questions asked, but the thing is… we kind of like this one.  And the very next time we do prancing off through the woods to Grandma’s cabin, we’d certainly consider wearing something very like it.

We’re going to turn this decision over to you, then, readers. Would you wear Red Riding Hood’s outerwear, or would you rather feed it to the Big Bad Wolf?


  • April 1, 2008


    Oh dear, I’m partial to a bit of cape action m’self, but this one’s a bit of a disaster really. Too long, too fussy and I don’t think it’s quite made up it’s mind whether to be a cape or a coat.

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  • April 2, 2008


    a bit much i think.. very confused garment for the wearer aswell as the hapless public subjected to seeing it!!

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  • April 2, 2008


    In all honesty, I would wear it. I’m in high school and wearing coats to dances is just a pain. You always half to find a shawl or something. It is either to heavy or to light weight. (I live in Arizona) This would work perfectly over a black dress. Just wear it in and take it off.

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