Dress of the Day: Miu Miu leather boned bustier dress


It's been on hiatus for a few weeks but today Dress of the Day is back – and with a bit of a bang too, seeing as today we're featuring this leather boned bustier dress by Miu Miu.

It's not a dress everyone will like. It's not a dress everyone would wear, even if they did like it: in fact, it's probably true to say that it's not a dress MOST of us would wear. And this is probably a moot point anyway, because it's £1,390, which doesn't exactly make it the bargain of the week.

If we WERE going to spend that much money on a dress, though, and if we COULD get away with skin-tight leather, and if we DID have somewhere we could wear it, well, this would be the skin-tight leather dress we'd buy.

If you would too, you can get it at Net-a-Porter.

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