Miu Miu in ‘ugly shoe’ shocker! Naplack Patch and Spazzolato Spectator pumps under arrest


OK, Miu Miu, we got you surrounded – come out with the shoes above your heads! And also: what the hell happened here? For the last twelve months you’ve been making some of the most beautiful shoes in the world, ever. Then Fall/Winter 07 rolls around and suddenly it’s as if you just thought to yourselves, "Meh, don’t wanna make pretty shoes any more. Let’s make some fugly-ass numbers". Well, you certainly did that, didn’t you?

Now, I could just about live with the Spazzolato Spectator pumps on the left of this picture. I mean, brogues have never really been my thing and, well, I’m not Greek God Nike so I have no need for the wings on the heels thing, but that-aside I guess you could almost get away with calling these "quirky". If you were feeling charitable. The Naplack Patch pumps, though? Oh hell, no. What is that, a piece of cellophane on the front? Why so fugly, Miu Miu? What happened to your pretty shoes?

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