Handbag of the Week: Miu Miu strap shoulder bag


The thing we love most about Miu Miu’s strap shoulder bag? (There is a shoulder-strap there, by the way – you just can’t see it in this picture) It’s not the soft brown leather, the satisfyingly chunky but still easy to carry shape, or the cute little handles we could use if our shoulder got tired. No, it’s the bows, people, the bows. There’s one on each of the cinched-in sides, and as you know, your Fashion Police are all about the bows. These ones are discreet enough not to detract from the simple style of this bag, but the fact that they’re there – well, it just makes the world seem like a better place on this Friday afternoon, no?

Miu Miu shoulder strap bag – £570

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