Miss Selfridge bow detail coat

bow detail coat from Miss Selfridge

Bow detail coat, £79

Have you broken out the winter coat yet?

We generally try to hold out until October before getting into the “proper” winter gear (Not because we consider that to be a fashion “rule”, we hasten to add: purely because we love summer, hate winter, and want to avoid the layering for as long as we possibly can. After all, we’ll soon have months and months in which to wear coats and boots to our heart’s content: why rush it?), but even we’re starting to think we may not be able to hold out much longer, given the current freezing temperatures here in the UK. Which makes us start thinking about coats, naturally.

This little bow-pocket coat is from Miss Selfridge, and is one of the lower-priced pieces of outerwear we’ve seen so far, at just £79. It comes in two colours –  red and beige – and has a classic cut made just a little bit prettier by the bows on each pocket. Those bows will make this one far too cutesy for some of you (We reckon the red version has a bit of a “Little Red Riding Hood” vibe to it, but that might just be us…) , and it may not be the warmest coat you’ll ever own (As the price tag probably suggests, this is a polyester blend, not wool), but if it’s “cute” you’re after, it could make a nice autumn/early spring piece, and at least it’s a bit more fun than some of the coats around right now – and less expensive than most of them, too.

If you do fancy buying one of these, Miss Selfridge is currently offering free delivery on orders over £50, which this would qualify for. Just enter the code FREE50 at checkout to claim your discount.

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