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Mischa Barton’s Adventures In Fashion: Bag Ladies Luncheon

Spl60137_0301Now, before y’all go calling us big old meanies for referring to Mischa Barton here as a “Bag Lady”, be reasured that the title of this post does not refer to Ms Barton herself, but to the fact that she actually was attending a Bag Ladies Luncheon – the Lupus LA’s Sixth Annual Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon at the Beverly Wiltshore, as a matter of fact: a name that fairly trips of the tounge.

As it happens, Mischa did not turn up at this event looking even remotely like a bag lady, and that’s because Mischa is all about the feathers right now. We think she looks drop-dead gorgeous from about the waist up here, and we particularly like the way she picked up the “I’m wearing a tree” theme of the skirt with the darling little leaf headband. It’s from the waist down that she kinda lost us, mostly because although those are feathers on her skirt, from a distance they look almost exactly like the branches of the fir trees that grow around Fashion Police HQ. Hey, maybe Mischa could be the fairy on top of our tree this Christmas? We think she would like that.

Close-up of the adorable headband under the jump…


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