Mischa Barton in “Attack of the wrinkled crotch”


We apologise for the close-up of Mischa Barton’s crotch. It is here, not to titillate, but to educate, and to teach us all that if you’re going to wear leggings without a long-ish top over them, then unfortunately for you, camel toe isn’t the only thing you’re going to have to worry about. No, you’re also going to have to worry about the old Attack of the Wrinkled Crotch, aren’t you? Sadly, the Wrinkled Crotch has managed to make Mischa its victim in this picture. There was nothing The Fashion Police could do to save her from this horrible fate, but we would urge those who may be considering wearing leggings without a crotch-covering top, to let this be a lesson to them. Repeat after us, people: leggings should be worn with a crotch covering. There are no exceptions to this rule. No, not even in Hollywood…

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