Miriam Ocariz trousers: the ultimate solution to knobbly knees

Mirian Ocariz casual trousers

Are you ashamed of your knees? Self-conscious of their knobbly nature, or insecure about how saggy they are? Well, worry no more, because Miriam Ocariz has got your back…

Yes, your knees are finally getting the attention they deserve. After years of push-up bras, tummy-tuck pants, and an array of shapewear to solve every body image issue from thigh to elbow, this vital joint is getting the attention it deserves at long last.

These clever trousers will not only disguise the ugliest of knock-knees, but create the illusion that all their sagginess is, in fact caused by the cut of the trousers. So ingenius are they, that you needn’t even have ugly knees to begin with – even the most perfect of pins will look malformed in these beauties!

Pick your pair up from Yoox.com for £185.

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