5 Effortlessly Stylish Minimal Outfits to Wear This Week

Well, it’s Monday again, which means you have a whole week’s worth of outfits to plan. 

Never fear, though: The Fashion Police are here to help you decide what to wear this week! Here are some effortless ensembles to get you from Mon – Fri with ease: as for the weekend, well, we’ll leave that one up to you!

knit midi dress and ankle boots

Knit dress and ankle boots

A knitted rollneck dress is such an easy thing to wear, but it always looks good, and can be dressy or casual as required. Don’t be put off by the pale colour of Zara’s knit midi dress: it’ll make a refreshing change from all of the dull colours people tend to wear at this time of year, but of course, if you’re really worried, it also comes in black. For an easy shortcut to style, pair your dress with the same, or a similarly coloured pair of boots, as show (just) in the image above: don’t worry, it won’t look too matchy-matchy, it’ll just create that “effortless” look we’re always putting so much, well, effort, into creating…

black dress, black tights

Head-to-toe black

All-black: a look favoured by fashion editors, and anyone else who favours no-fuss style that’s suitable for just about any occasion. Some might class it as “boring”, but the person in head-to-toe black will always stand out in a crowded room, and these looks can be some of the most memorable. The key to making this one work is to make sure every item fits perfectly, and to try mixing textures: in this photo, for instance, Banana Republic’s black shift dress and tights are paired with a pair of shiny patent shoes, which help add  a bit of interest to the look.

poncho and skinny jeans

Chunky knit, skinny jeans

Nothing says “model off-duty” quite like a chunky knit paired with a pair of skinny jeans. For this look, Joules have paired their Tessa cable-knit poncho with the kind of mid-blue jeans that are always cropping up on “items every woman should own” lists – and with good reason, too. The blue and grey mix is one you can’t go wrong with: just add ankle boots, and you’re good to go!

colourful cropped trousers and black sweater

Colourful crops

We love these mustard yellow ankle-length trousers from ASOS: it’s a colour a lot of people shy away from, but paired with a simple black sweater and a pair of high-heeled pumps, it’s one of those minimal look which has tons of impact. Wearing just one or two colours is a really easy way to simplify your look and create a very “grown up” kind of feel – there’s a reason why so many of the women most often described as “stylish” are so often seen wearing just a couple of colours at most!

waterfall cardigan and leather pants

Waterfall cardigan and leather pants

Don’t fear the leather pants! Once the sole province of ageing rockers, you’ll now find them all over Pinterest -most usually paired with chunky knits, or the ubiquitous camel coat. We’ve already shown you a camel coat today, so here’s a pair of skinny leather pants paired with a grey waterfall cardigan instead: we’d personally switch the peep toe boots for regular ones, though – it’s just a little too chilly for bare toes!

five effortlessly minimal outfits to wear right now


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